The Iraqi Development and Peaceful Coexistence "IDPC"

our projects

Qaraqosh Elementary School

After the school was an unsuitable environment for students, IDPC made it a typical place. Support by UNDP in 2011.

In peaceful coexistence and understanding of the other

One of our activities a book named "in Peaceful Coexistence and understanding of the other". Published 5000 copies in Iraq.

SAMAH (Forgiveness)

Was an online magazine with some Peaceful Coexistence activities for eight months in Nineveh governorate, funding by the USIP. August 15th, 2010, April 14th, 2011.

Support IDPs in Mosul & Kirkuk

Implementation three projects Funding by UNHCR and Mercy Corps in Mosul and Kirkuk

Expansion the Baba Gurgur charity health center in Panjah Ali (Kirkuk)
Improve the health of the population of the "AL-Rahmanya" area(Mosul)
Distributing non-food stuff materials (Kirkuk)

Parents' Councils

Establishment of Parents' Council in Nineveh's schools - Funded by IRC

Peace for all

IDPC, years of the hard work for peace in Iraq!